ICAP-sponsored peace and culture exhibitions have been presented at schools, organizational events and conventions. Exhibits include:


“Artists as Peacemakers”

The exhibition highlights various well-known individuals who have made positive contributions towards society. And we all have the potential to become Artists as Peacemakers.

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“Music—The Universal Language”

Variations on a theme — the global impact of music — are expressed through the thoughts and vibrant images of iconic artists whose work transcends the boundaries of geography and time.

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“Wayne Shorter and Quincy Jones—Tribute to Claude Nobs”

Celebrating three artists who not only made a tremendous impact on the music world but who brought people together through the power of music, this year also marks the 80th-birthday celebration for both Mr. Jones and Mr. Shorter.

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“Voices of Hope”

Presenting the words of major performing artists who speak to the great untapped potential possessed by individuals, especially youth, as well as the power and responsibility of artists to bring awareness to the important issues of our time—the power of the heart to make things happen.

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“Artists as Mentors”

Highlighting artists who have led and continue to lead the way for benefit of others.

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“Artists as Peacemakers (first version)

Transcending ethnic, cultural and national boundaries to light the way to lasting  peace.

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“Building a Culture of Peace For the Children of the World

Produced in support of the United Nations  International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.

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“Victory Over Violence

What is the root cause of violence? What can we do to change the cycle of abuse? Make a difference.

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“The Power of Women

Today women are taking leading roles in the quest for peaceful solutions to  problems as well as equal rights.

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“The Century of Women

The continuing empowerment of women throughout the world is a key to solving the world’s most pressing issues, from the abolishment of nuclear weapons to poverty and hunger.

ICAP’s exhibit features the contributions of a few representative women, there are certainly untold millions more—both prominent and little known—who have dedicated themselves to a just and peaceful future.

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“Voices of Change

Creating and performing music that advocate human rights and make an impact on society.

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“The Power of Youth

Young artists, with  idealism and energy,  overcome obstacles and contribute positive social changes.

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