ICAP sponsors the youth-empowerment anti-bullying iChoose musical program with schools throughout the world. ICAP also encourages artists to share their talents and visions of peace by mentoring youth through individual counseling,‎ school workshops, seminars and joint performances.

Harvard Professor Hancock
on “Wisdom of Miles Davis”
in Set 1

Professor Hancock on
“Breaking the Rules”
in Set 2

Professor Hancock tackles
“Cultural Diplomacy and
Voices of Freedom” in Set 3

Professor Hancock explores
“Innovation and New Technologies”
in Set 4

Professor Hancock on
“Buddhism and Creativity”
in Set 5

Professor Hancock on
“Once Upon a Time…”
in Set 6
Joni Herman mentoring
Orange County Santiago
Creek School students
Susan Damante engages
Santa Monica High School students
in “Artists as Mentors” discussion
Marcus Dunleavy, Larry Coryell and
and Cristian Blanco for a morning
of music and dialogue at Prosser
Career Academy, Chicago
Nestor Torres mentors
Beyer Elementary students,
San Diego, California
Wayne Green
accompanied by
Los Angeles students
Students engage in Culture
of Peace project at
Santa Monica High School
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