What is ICAP?

The International Committee of Artists for Peace (ICAP) is an organization founded by visionary artists such as Herbie Hancock, M Lavin, Wayne Shorter, Patrick Duffy, Pascual and Angela Olivera to create a culture of peace and develop future peacemakers through the transformative power of the arts. Since 2002, ICAP has sponsored concerts, iChoose musicals, exhibits, dialogues and peace-building workshops to instill the ideals of humanism and nonviolence in today’s youth. It is our cherished goal to expand our circles of friendship and collaborative efforts in support of the United Nations Declaration and Program of Action toward a Culture of Peace.

Board of Directors:
Herbie Hancock
M Lavin
Patrick Duffy
Carlos Santana
Carolina Shorter

Herbie Hancock, President
M Lavin, Executive Vice President & iChoose Creator
Patrick Duffy, Vice President
Kay Yoshikawa, Vice President
Kathy Lucien, Executive Assistant

Joseph Malone – Theatrical Director and iChoose Director/Choreographer
Joel Drazner – Editorial DirectoriChoose Director of Curriculum
Bob Dempsey – Technical Director
Ali Rezaei – Video Production Director
Michael Sasaki – Project Manager, iChoose Associate Producer
Stewart Clayton – Project Manager, Videographer
Carol Dimeff Clayton – Digital Artist, Photographer

Marcus Dunleavy – iChoose Program Cordinator – Chicago
Daren Schlecter – Legal Counsel
Audrey Dempsey – Nevada Regional Representative, Photographer

Max louie – iChoose Music Director
Peter Lunga – iChoose Director – Oslo, Norway
Lisa Brickell – iChoose Director – Auckland, New Zealand
Gerry McIntyre – iChoose Director – New York
Sharen Nakashima – iChoose Production Coordinator – Hawaii
George Yoshikawa – Production Sound Mixer
Steve Nipper – iChoose Program Coordinator – Santa Barabara

Advisory Board:
James and Nancy Chuda — James and Nancy Chuda Educational Trust for World Peace
Shele Sondheim — President/CEO CSM Words and Music

ICAP is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and officers which maintain status with the State of California as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and overseas the fiduciary responsibilities of the organization which is to maintain financial integrity and to assure fidelity in the usage of public and charitable donated funds.

For more information contact us at icapinfo8@gmail.com

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