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A Few Words from Herbie Hancock, Co-President

Artistry, imagination and innovation have been the hallmarks of ICAP’s artists and support personnel since the very beginning. We pledge to continue tackling the most important issues of our times, connecting hearts around the globe, and fostering the development of youth as artists, and, more important, as contributive global citizens. Thank you very much for joining us in our vital mission with your generous philanthropic gift to ICAP.

Donating to ICAP

Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated. More than 90% of ICAP’s revenue is used to directly support performances, educational and mentoring outreach programs including the iChoose mini-musical programs, the presenting of awards, and the creation and sponsoring of exhibitions.

ICAP is an exempt organization under the provision of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your contributions are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Or checks payable to “ICAP” may be sent to:

201 Ocean Ave. Suite 1708P
Santa Monica, CA  90402


We at ICAP extend our deepest appreciation to all our financial contributors.

Gold Circle ($100,000 or more): M Lavin
Bronze Circle ($10,000 to $49,999): Joni Herman,Barnaby Ohstrom (in honor of Pascual and Angela Olivera), Gregg Wolpert, Aileen Yoshikawa
Benefactors ($5,000 to $9,999): Raymond T. Dalio (in honor of Herbie Hancock), Victoria and Shele Sondheim
Patrons ($1,000 to $4,999): Carol Dimeff, Stewart Clayton, Charles and Taki Drefs, David Hay, Julie Larson, Luis A Nieves, Fran Parnell, Gisela Spieler-Persad, Akemi Saito, Sonitrol of Southern Nevada, Fabrice and Tracy Vignati, Vicki Yabe (in honor of David Kasahara)
Sustaining members ($500 to $999): Kazuko Andersen, Dr. Therese N Collins, Florence Shulman, Dr. Keith Shulman, Dante and Marcella Spinotti, Momoko Steiner
Sponsors ($250 to $499): Dianne Mae Alfonzo, John Kenworthy, John and Jennifer Kuri, Dr. Jeffrey Ptak, Bruce and Claire Wroblewski
Supporters ($50 to $249): Tesfaye Abagaz, Mary B Ames, Albert Benamou, Devra Miller Breslow, Manuel Cabezas, Rosemary Casey, Pedro Carbonell, Catherine Carlton, Judy Chow, Ron Culver, Rick Cutler, Eric and Cyndi Carlson, Scott DeVoe, Robin Doyno, T.J. DeVoe, Kimberly Donars, Betty Dunn, Michael Driscoll, Miho and John Glasscock, Alegra Fonda-Bonardi, Arlene Harrison, Kimberly and James Herrman, Velma Holman, Lauren Jones, Renee M Johnson, James Paul Keifer, Kelston Boys High School (Auckland, New Zealand), Tomi Ito Levin, Tsuyako Liebman, Paul and Emily MacWilliam, Steve Meleney, Chansoth Miglets, Sandra Milstein, Dorothy Ehrhart Morrison, Maiya Murphy, Steve Niemczurai, Gene Norcia, Virginia Ogin, Mary Olivera, Paul Olivera, Elizabeth Hiromi Onodera, Hideo and Keiko Oishi, Carol Pleatman, Yukiko Oshiro Rood, Ethel Ross, Llace Sarabete, Carole Shulman, Robert Sikes, Reginald and Sharon Waddell, Anna Weber, Rick Weber, Anne Marie Westmoreland, Cindy and Chris Young, Barry and Latifa Ziskin

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