Back by popular demand, the 2016 Elementary School Art Poster Contest, “Friends for Peace,” organized by ICAP in conjunction with the 4th annual Latte Peace Festival. This vital yearly event is the brainchild of and is hosted by the Mayor’s office of Guam’s Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon municipality.

Coinciding with the art contest, an exhibit titled “Victory Over Violence” was displayed at the historic Tamuning Park. Contest participants took on the challenge of expressing how they are each a unique “Friend for Peace,” using the VOV Kid’s Pledge (I will respect myself; I will respect all life; I will talk and listen to the people in my life; and I will be the best me I can be). Through their participation, contestants can come to see that it is their own behavior that can make a significant impact on the global peace process.

The two schools invited to participate this year—Tamuning Elementary and Chief Brodie Memorial—were from Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon. One thousand 11”x17” paper sheets were provided upon project approval by the Superintendent of Education of the Guam Public School System, and, in all, 34 posters were submitted (18 from Tamuning Elementary; 16 from Chief Brodie Memorial).



The winners were announced at the 4th annual Latte Peace Festival on January 23 by local ICAP representative, Kathy Alegria. A separate set of winners from each school were awarded monetary prizes: 1st place– $100; 2nd place–$50; and 3rd place–$25.

Local ICAP representatives commented on the artwork:

Johnny Salas: “This younger generation [really demonstrates their] grasp of the universal concept of peace through their art work.”

Patrick Salas: “I was impressed by the dedication and wholeheartedness they put into their artwork as they expressed the true aspects of “Friends for Peace.”

Nancy Gorris: “It was a great illustration and expression of unity and peace; very creative and wonderful.”

Herman Agustin Jr: “It’s always encouraging to see young people sharing the message of peace.”

Kathy Alegria: “The inspiring artwork showed that even young children understand the concept of peace and know how to apply it in their lives every day.”

ICAP representative planners were Herman Agustin Jr, Beverly Brady, Nancy Gorris, Judith Won Pat, Johnny Salas, Patrick Salas, and Kathy Alegria.