In order to build a culture of peace and develop future peacemakers through the arts, the students at Guam’s LBJ Elementary School displayed their artistic capability in a variety of ways under the theme “An Era of Hope and Respect.”

On Jan. 19, as the visitors such as Mayor Louise Rivera, Speaker Judith Won Pat and others walked the school halls, they were greeted with peaceful environment —a product of the ongoing, shared learning among the students, faculty and entire staff. Each class, the visitors were informed, has been discussing what peace is, its importance, and how as individuals they could all practice and encourage the realization of peace.

For the performance presentation Mrs. Rosanne Lastimoza, 1st grade teacher kicked things off by saying: “Our Students have been learning about ‘peace’; peace within ourselves, our peers, our families, community, and the world.  We teach for knowledge through words and actions, through our good deeds. We help students to understand that peace is not easily maintained. We do our best as individuals to promote peace by not allowing frustrations, anger and any negativity influence our thoughts and actions. What’s important is the effort and perseverance of rising from our mistakes and making things right.


“To achieve this, the students learned the meaning and understanding of these words: forgiveness, caring, sharing, positive communication, tolerance, citizenship, embracing diversity, cultural unity, individualism, freedom and many more. They were challenged to demonstrate these words through application, be at home, school or community.

“Reading and learning about leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and others who promoted peace. Also, our Tamning/Tumon/Harmon Latte Peace Festival which strengthens our awareness and appreciation of making a difference in our society. When we start with ourselves to spread good we do toward others, in turn passing it forward, we then slowly make our world a better place.

“As we reflect on the tragedy of 9/11, the attack in Paris, France, 2015, and other current threats, we are reminded of our responsibility to do what we can to promote peace. The theme for this year is “An Era of Hope and Respect.””

The Pilot Pre-K, the Pre-K GATE, and the kindergarten classes performed to the song “The World is a Rainbow,” which represents the diversity, cultural awareness, and the acceptance of the many colors and beauty our world has and the beauty it has when we all live in harmony.

To continue the momentum of promoting peace, the 1st grade classes sang “I’d like to teach the world to sing” which represents the uniqueness of being a peacemaker and not a peace breaker. Teaching the world to sing in unity and harmony. Having that perfect company and holding on to a song of peace that echoes on and never goes away…


ICAP expresses its appreciation to Carolyn Ann Diaz Camacho (principal of LBJ and Tamuning Elementary Schools), Stewart Clayton for the article and Carol Clayton for Photographs.