Glen Allison was homeless by choice, a vagabond photographer documenting the world’s most iconic destinations. More than two years into this nonstop global marathon, he found himself in Thailand.

After a daring leap from a public transport boat on a Bangkok canal, he was left with a dislocated right arm, followed by several weeks of physical therapy in that bustling Southeast Asian city.

Body-painted female model with blue lips and neck, Bangkok, Thailand
Body-painted female model with blue lips and neck, Bangkok, Thailand

Though sidetracked from his 10-year global sojourn, Glen soon teamed with the renowned fashion stylist/makeup artist Hilde Marie Johanssen in a venture that enabled him to temporarily reinvent himself career-wise. He would spend the remaining weeks of his recuperation photographing body-painted fashion models.

His resulting body of work for this series prompted the American Society of Media Photographers—a major trade association—to feature him as one of their “Best of ASMP 2012.”

During the past four decades, Glen has taught photo workshops for UCLA and on various cruise lines. He has had numerous speaking engagements for professional photo organizations and at major PhotoExpo conferences across the USA. Glen is also the original founder of the Stock Artists Alliance, a worldwide trade organization promoting stock photographers’ rights in the global marketplace.

“My primary goal has always been to inspire others,” he comments in his ASMP photo interview. “No matter one’s present circumstances (or the state of the global economy) it’s crucial we find ways to keep pursuing our dreams. To not do so would ultimately imbue our photographs with an aura of stale enthusiasm.”

Glen concludes, “The onus lies in our finding exciting ways to keep the dream alive, despite our daily realities.”