In a follow-up to the hugely successful iChoose run in New Zealand earlier this year, ICAP has received the following letter from Ms. Soh Chin Patten, a teacher at Auckland’s Albany Senior High School.

alb-003[We were] very fortunate to have invited iChoose to perform to all Year 11 students at the beginning of our school term in February 2013. Inspired by iChoose, Clarentia Mursalim—an award-winning artist from Albany—started creating an artwork representing all the Year 11 students’ voices responding to iChoose. This major art project is Clarentia’s last Impact Project for this her final year at school. Impact Project allows the students the opportunity to take charge of their own learning through designing a project that allows them to connect their learning to the outside world through authentic experiences. Clarentia presented her work in progress at the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) Secondary Student Symposium in June 2013. In her moving speech at the symposium, Clarentia shared that through working on this project, she came to the realization that she needs to stop being so hard on herself.

Her artwork on canvas will be displayed in the school’s student services’ foyer in order to inspire, nurture and empower everyone who sees it. The school has decided to award her a koha (financial gift) as an appreciation of her unique, creative and powerful contribution towards the iChoose anti-bully programme. I would like to thank and acknowledge Dr. Daisaku Ikeda; our principal, Barbara Cavanagh; Director of Student Services Ronwyn Taylor; HOD of Performing Arts Trevor Sharp, HOD of Graphic Arts Sally Fausett; National UNESCO ASPnet Coordinator Deli Connell; and, especially, ICAP and everyone involved in bringing iChoose to Albany Senior High School.

Thank you.
Soh Chin Patten

In an email response, Clarentia Mursalim writes:

alb-006As a student in my last year of high school, I wish to make an impact on the community while I still have the means to. I have done my own research on ICAP and its purpose and have become inspired to do something to promote peace in our daily lives.

My proposal is to hold a small-scale convention encouraging young artists and leaders to use their influence and art making skills to promote peace in the world.

The convention will consist of guest speakers, testimonies, and supporting activities to further emphasize our cause. One of the activities, I am hoping, is to get the student participants of the convention to create an artwork each which will be displayed in a separate exhibition for the public to view.

ICAP thanks both Ms. Mursalim and Ms. Patten for their correspondence and for their many efforts to further the spirit of iChoose in the days and weeks following the visit to Albany Senior High School.